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Telemachus, the god of justice

About Telemachus, the god of justice and the Order

Telemachus, the god of justice stands before you.

"So, you wish to know the meaning of justice, mortal? Justice is balance, as indicated by the scales, the sacred symbol of justice. Balance is done by laws that I have devised and that I oversee. Too many laws and not enough laws upset balance; therefore I must balance the laws, which in turn help balance the land. Do not be confused, mere mortal, in thinking that as long as you do not break a law, that you will find yourself free from my judgment. I dictate the laws, which may be changed, removed or added at any time, as I see fit for the best of the land."

Telemachus studies you for a moment, before continuing, "If you desire to follow justice and enforce justice, then you must prove you're worthy of such an undertaking. Justice allows no room for loyalty, for only those capable of impartiality will find them able to enforce justice."

Telemachus, the god of justice flails his sword about his head and is consumed in a maelstrom of light

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